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6 weeks meeting once/week for 1.5hrs each.
Our group classes are LEVEL specific instead of AGE specific. This allows for skill development appropriate for the group as a whole.
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The Hookie™ beach volleyball tournament has been a local favorite. Given the name "The Hookie" b/c we run it during the week, typically on a Friday when our athletes take a "mental health day".
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Is your team in need of inspiration?  We have the recipe to raise team morale.

Look no further than South Bay Volleyball to handle your special event.  Fun, outdoors, exercise and sun. We've got you.
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Play Smarter & Harder

A series of blog posts that will help you get get the most out of your game.

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Playing in Big Winds
Here in Southern California, it's not often we have extreme wind conditions where the winds are in the 20+ mph range but spring and afternoon wind is real. Here are some tips for playing in the wind.
The Deep Dish
The deep dish... Bringing the ball in towards your body at contact or letting the ball fall below your chin. Players started doing it decades ago to take spin off the ball. Since, setting has evolved, a lot!
Early Angles!
Consistency creates consistency. The earlier the angles you create with your arms, the more aware you are, the more composed you'll be, the more accurate and more consistent your performance. It sounds more complicated than it is.
10 Myths About Beach Volleyball
"I'm too short", "I'm too old", "I can't jump high enough". "read the shoulders", "read the hips", "breathe from your eyelids". I've heard them all. There are many myths that surround this sport, here is the top 10 list that I hear most commonly.
Offensive Vision
Having good vision is knowing exactly where the defense is (and where they're not) during the attack. The key is to know when to take your eyes off the ball to locate the defense. Learn how!
To use blocking signals or not?
We teach a transition-blocker system the moment we're confident that the athletes can control their ball fairly well. This style defense uses hand signals to communicate defensive positioning/responsibility to their partner.
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