10 Myths About Beach Volleyball

January 4, 2021

2 min read

10 Myths I've learned through 35 years in the game.

There are so many myths and "old tales" that I've learned not to be true.  Here is what I've learned so far.

"You have to be tall for this sport"....... Absolutely not.
  1. "You have to be tall to play this sport". Definitely not. It helps to be tall but ball control, good vision and a strong work ethic will take you VERY far in this game.
  2. "You have to be above the net to be an effective blocker". Again, size/vertical, good timing help but blocking is so much more than hands going above the net. Shaping hitters decisions, watching the hitter, defending near the net, understanding high/low percentages and knowing hitter tendencies create great transition opportunities
  3. "You have to be a good hand setter". Not true, a consistent, accurate and predictable bump setter is just as valuable.
  4. "I have to have a jump serve". Instead, try creating a wide variety of standing float serve options. Deep, short, left and right. Learn to force the opponent attack from the middle or the outsides with your serves to help shape their offense in YOUR favor.
  5. "Read the hitters shoulders". This one drives me crazy. The shoulders rarely tell the story of the hitter. Instead, pay attention to hitter tendencies, understand high and low percentages of the game, know if the hitter hits with the flow or against the flow, learn to bate the opponent into hitting specific areas and train your brain to manage the court properly.
  6. "If there is no blocker, always go short." First, there is no "always" in this sport.  Also, short and cut shots are an option and often open but they also carry the highest risk. Deep middle, I find, is the best option.
  7. "I don't know how to break into the scene and meet people that play". This is what we do!  We bring players of all levels into our group classes where you can meet like-minded people who share common interests.
  8. "Sand socks are for hot sand". No way! hahahaha.  We use them for cold training mornings way more often!
  9. "I'm too old for volleyball". Yikes! This game can be enjoyed at literally almost any age.  I started my daughter with "don't let the balloon hit the ground" at 2 years old and Ive seen cardiac rehab patients in their 80's and 90's play 1 bounce which allows the ball to hit the ground once before you play it.
  10. "The only way Im getting better is to surround myself with better players.". This is the one that frustrates me the most.  Playing with and against more experienced players is important for parts of the game, however, I understand the value of touches, understanding the game, working on base fundamentals, learning patterns, training your vision and learning how to "better the play" in order to raise the level of play from those around you. I can make players who understand this value better, faster.