Offensive Vision

January 4, 2021

4 min read

Offensive Vision.

Knowing exactly where the defenders are as we're attacking is what separates the best from the great.

Where should you eyes be during our offense?

"The key to hitting shots confidently comes from being able to see the opponent just as I'm jumping".

The key to having good vision during the attack is to know when to take your eyes off the ball. The simple explanation is to take your looks near the 2 apex's of the ball.

The first apex is just after the pass as you start to pre-attack position yourself for your approach. This is the easier of the two "looks". This is when I take in court, net and how the defense first starts to take shape.

The second look is a bit more difficult. It happens when the set starts its descent from it's apex (which is also roughly the same time the attacker is starting their jump). If this timed right, the defense won't have time to move more than a couple feet from where you saw them. This allows the attacker to know exactly what parts of the court are open.