Early Angles!

January 4, 2021

6 min read

Early angles takes out the timing element.

K.I.S.S. Keep it simple, stupid. Don't make passing harder than it already is. Having your arms and angles prepared as a priority, will make for less moving parts just before, during and after impact. Here are some keys that have helped me.


Consistency creates consistency. The earlier the angles, the more aware you are with them and the more composed you are through contact, the more accurate and more consistent you will be with your passing.
  • Connect your hands with your arms already in the path the balls headed.
  • If playing the ball outside your midline, lower the shoulder closest to the net when the ball gets near your own 10ft line.
  • Keep your forearms OPEN!  The flatter the surface of the forearms, the more likely a non symmetrical contact will work in your favor.
  • If the ball is moving flat and quickly at your chest, throat or face, drop the foot the ball is traveling toward behind you to extend the correct angle upward to the ball.


  • Bring your hands and elbows toward your body when moving to the ball..
  • Connect your hands arbitrarily under your chin before your bring them out to the ball.
  • Try not to move your arms laterally OR upward last second to create the right anglel. This is what creates inconsistencies.
  • ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, no tomahawk passes.