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Stephanie M.

Nicknames: Steph


Age: 23


Profession: Volleyballer / Entrepreneur


Date of tournament you got your rating: Sat June 30th, 2013


Playing experience:  9 years indoor --

4 years of High School & club

4 years of College (The Master's College & Grand Canyon University)

1 year of Professional volleyball in Germany


Rating earned: A


How long you have been playing: Played indoor since I was 14, and just started playing beach volleyball in the beginning of June 2013


How long you have been training with SBV: Since June 2, 2013


And one totally fun and useless fact: I have four

1. I get really into basketball games -- sometimes I yell and get crazy, especially when the Lakers are playing because they are and will always be my team!!!

2. In college my team called me "Queen of facials" because I played Middle and always hit girls on the opposing team in the face (sometimes I even hit my own teammates in practice...oops)