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Shauna Berkner

Nicknames:  Pinky


Age: 11/1987


Profession: Engineer/Web Developer


Passion other than Volleyball: I rode horses most of my life before volleyball, and was competitive in Eventing.


Date of tournament you got your rating: 9/14/14


Playing experience: I never played in high school or college, but picked up beach volleyball with a meetup group when I moved to Florida for a job after college. After that project was over I moved out to LA after falling in love with the sport and for work as well. It wasn't until I took classes from Ijams that I had any official coaching, and it's paid off.


Rating earned: A


What year did you start playing volleyball: 2011


When did you start training with SBV:  2013


One totally fun and useless fact: Anything engineering (Electrical, Aerospace, Computer, etc.) is super interesting to me. Business, sales, marketing, fashion, I don't understand.