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Natalie Y.

Nicknames: Do I even have one? Ahhh, damnit!! I want a nickname!! "Flat Nat?" (no, that was high school, I was a late bloomer) "Gnat"? (everyone calls me this, but no one knows the actual correct spelling with the silent G)

"The-girl-who-freaks-out-in-her-sleep?" (someone DID once write a song about it .. )

Age: 35


Profession: Photographer (


Date of tournament you earned your rating: 3/14/2009


Playing experience: I played in high school and an indoor league and starting playing beach in 2000.


Rating earned: A


How long you have been playing: Been playing beach VB? since 2000.


How long you have been training with SBV: Been training with SBV? since Sept '08


One totally fun and useless fact: I was once the proud owner and frequent wearer of a splendid pair of tie-dyed MC Hammer pants. They were awesome..