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Karissa N.

Nicknames: None, really. But Jared has called me Special K once or twice, lol!


Age: 32


Profession: Mechanical Engineer


Date of tournament you got your rating: It took all season to get my A on 8/22/10... but got my AA the very next tourney I played on 9/11/2010!


Playing experience: 5-ish years, 2 years playing women's doubles


Rating earned: AA


How long you have been playing: My first experience with beach vball was at 22 playing jungle ball with coworkers, but I didn't start playing doubles until a few years later. I finally discovered women's doubles in 2008 and started seriously playing tourneys this year.


How long you have been training with SBV: Took one class in Summer of 2008, but have been taking classes consistently for the past 3 years


One totally fun and useless fact: How about 2? I grew up in Hawaii but never surfed. And my last name has no vowels.