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Jennifer R.

Nicknames: J-Ro, Energizer Bunny, or "Eefer-poo" - short for Jennifer, because Jenn is too boring  according to Joe McCauley :)


Born: 1981


Profession: Registered Dietitian


Date of tournament you got your rating: 8.2.11


Playing experience:  high school and club


Rating earned: A


How long you have been playing: Indoor since I was in elementary school, beach for a few years


How long you have been training with SBV: 2 years


And one totally fun and useless fact: By profession, I am a dietitian three favorite foods are:

1. Anything with peanut butter

2. frozen yogurt

3. wine and cheese (that's one thing, I'm pretty sure they are inseparable).

I promise I do eat healthy too!