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Cynthia S.

Nicknames: coming soon


Age: 35


Profession: Engineer, Mattel Regulations and Compliance


Date of tournament you got your rating: 8.2.11


Playing experience:   I shagged balls for our Jr. High school volleyball team and sometimes they would let me sub in during practice! I started actually playing a couple of years after college by taking a beginner class through the *********** program, later moving on to the ************ classes. Then I discovered Ijams and the rest is history:)


Rating earned: AA


How long you have been playing: 1 1/2 years competitively. 5 years if you count all those ************* classes!


How long you have been training with SBV: 2 years


And one totally fun and useless fact: I was the gold medal winner of the 1996 regional Target Scanning Olympics - I could "scan, drag, and bag" faster than any other Target employee in the state of California (all while suggesting with a smile that the customer apply for a Target credit card). I won $100 and a trip to Vegas where I competed in the semi-nationals. Due to a bag crinkling incident I incurred a 10 second penalty so I only won the bronze medal .... so close!!!