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Brooke P.

Nicknames: My friends call me Brookie or “B.”


Age: 25


Profession: I currently work at Fox Sports Net in Programming with aspirations of becoming a sports reporter one day.


Date of tournament you got your rating: I got my AA Rating last summer with Dara M. on 5/18/08.  With Ijams training I hope to get my AAA this summer!


Playing experience:


Rating earned: AA


How long you have been playing: I have played indoor volleyball since I was 11.  I started playing club volleyball in 6th grade and played all the way through my senior year in high school.  I played at Mira Costa High School and then went on to play at Penn State University for a year.  After I graduated from college and moved back to the west coast I decided to start playing on the beach.


How long you have been training with SBV: I have been training with Ijams for the last five months and I have a great deal of respect for him as a coach.  He really knows the beach game and I can’t wait to continue training with him.


And one totally fun and useless fact (might as well have some fun with this one....PG rated): When I’m not working or out on the beach playing I love to go dancing!  Salsa is my favorite, but I will dance to pretty much any kind of music!