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South Bay Volleyball Beach Volleyball Academy - 16 years of training.

About South Bay Volleyball

South Bay Volleyball is a professional beach volleyball training academy dedicated to developing sand and indoor volleyball athletes of all levels ranging from beginners to professionals.  Since 1997, we primarily train on the beautiful beaches of Manhattan Beach in Southern California.  Our staff is carefully chosen, meticulously trained and takes tremendous pride in the development of our athletes.  We offer level and skill specific beach volleyball classes year round.  We also offer a fully comprehensive jump training program, private lessons, semi private lessons and special event clinics around the country.

To be a little different, we wanted to use the photos, videos, our athlete success stories and testimonials below to help tell our story.  Ultimately, we absolutely love what we do and our athletes feel it.  We feel their struggles and celebrate their successes.  The three greatest compliments we receive are one, having our athletes return year after year, two, referring us to their friends and family and three, watching them succeed above and beyond what they ever thought they could.

Check out what some of our athletes have said about us and accomplished.

16 years of SBV 1997 - 2016

A few proud, memorable and inspiring SBV moments captured in a still and motion.

SBV's Wall of fame.  Our athletes achievements and CBVA Player Ratings.


"Southern California's premier beach volleyball learning organization"

- Volleyball Magazine 2006

"When you're serious about playing, you train with Steve Ijams."

"I'm both a player and a coach, and what Steve Ijams has helped me to do is break down the game to its basic parts.  I've gained a much better  understanding of the 'little things' that carry you to victory in a game since I started taking classes with him."

- Jared Y.


"the ability to break down vast amounts of volleyball knowledge"

"Steven is one of those rare people in life who has a gift and has chosen to pursue it fully. He is an extraordinary coach, armed with the ability to breakdown vast amounts of volleyball knowledge into fun and meaning full lessons. But even more remarkable is the atmosphere he creates on the court.  He is a master motivator and demands your best, and at the same time, the genuine care and respect for his students is what sets him apart."

- Glenn D.