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Ashley S.

Nicknames: "Kiwi", "maui", "maui wowee" and one of my personal faves - "long shanks"


Age: 23


Profession: Full time beach bum, part-time waitress


Date of tournament you got your rating: 09.3.11


Playing experience: Began indoor club at 11 and played through high school. Fortunate enough to represent in the New Zealand Junior Women's team in 2005. First beach volleyball experiences were in 2004 and 2005 in the NZ tour. However, I didn't touch a volleyball again until 2010 and now I cant get enough of beach volleyball and am excited for my first CBVA season this year in 2011!!!!


Rating earned: AAA


How long you have been playing: My first volleyball touches were at 5 years old, maybe earlier?


How long you have been training with SBV: Since Nov 2010 beginning with Jump Training (I give it a five star rating *****)


And one totally fun and useless fact: I was taller than my first grade teacher in first grade!