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Aaron C. "AC"

Nicknames: AC, Aclenden and a few others I prefer to leave out!


Age: 29


Profession: Real Estate Investor, Short Sale Specialist


Date of tournament you got your rating: 06/05/2010


Playing experience: I played every now and then during college outside the dorms of Wiley Hall at good old Purdue University in Indiana. The sand courts were surrounded by a sea of grass…it’s good to live at the beach now!


Rating earned: A


How long you have been playing: Started playing consistently when I moved to California in 2005 and started taking it more seriously when I began training with SBV in 2007.


How long you have been training with SBV: My first class was in August of 2007 and I’ve been training with SBV off and on since then.


And one totally fun and useless fact: I’ve played soccer my entire life and in 7th grade I shut down the 2006 USA World Cup starter, (During the 2010 World Cup he will be playing off the bench) DaMarcus Beasley, during the middle school soccer championships! We still lost the game because of a crappy call on our goalie and a penalty kick Beasley ended up scoring with 2 minutes to go, but that is my claim to fame! One day I hope to replace this with an AVP appearance!!!